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Who We Are

We are and IT compnay dedicated to make a better world for individuals, communities and governnment agencies in IT products, fashion/wearables and beverages through technology.


QBO was incorporated in January of 2013. Formed by an industrial engineer and an architect. We’ve started with a vision of a fresh look and new way of being ourselves. We’ve always been fans of the technology. From the very beginning, teamwork and synergy have been vital parts of the QBO culture.

Core Values

We are united by a common goal: lifestyle of the future. We carry an unwavering commitment to commitment, integrity and excellence through every product and service for clients through our most value assets. Our people │ Our Customers │ Our Products.

Diversity & Inclusion

Small Women Owned and Minority Business. It’s because we are different that each of us is special. Embracing and promoting diversity through different experiences. We are submerged in an inclusive culture that creates products that helps to build a better tomorrow.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

Getting Smart About The Future

World-class technology, strategic partnerships and supply chain solutions that connect supply and demand. We market a large variety of technology and mobility products from leading companies, such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard (“HP”), Samsung and many others.

Laptops and PCs


Smart Home






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What We Can Do For You

As an IT service provider QBO has the experience and expertise to help your business meet your goals and objectives faster, with less risk. We offer IT server solutionas, Consumer Electronics, Digital Platforms and we are opening new markets such as clothing and beverages to merge it with technology

IT Solutions & Technology Provider

We are partners of the best brands and products for you to go one step further into the future. Laptos, PC's, Servers, Routers, Werables, Tablets, Storage

Video Games & Consumer Electronics

We have a wide variety of game titles as well as the latest releases on platforms such as X-box, PlayStation and Nintendo.

Digital Platforms

We offer a platform specialized in digital games such as STEAM, UPLAY, Switch, Xbox live to download directly from the comfort of your personal computer.

Clothing & Wearables

Spiritual Clothing that manifests what we are passionate about, what we love, what we are, giving everything. Is part of our spirit, our thoughts, our emotions, our body and all the people around us.

i-Health │ Beverages

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Federal Government

Providing customized solutions to Federal Agencies to help in fulfilling the Information Technology and Assistive Technology needs nationwide.

Capability Statement

QBO International Group provides leading Information Technology products and services for both everyday operations and mission-critical systems for the Federal, State and Local agencies.


We work with an extensive number of manufacturers to provide to Government agencies with the best solution to their strategic IT needs, ensuring the highest level of customer service at every step.

GSA Schedule

We have partnered with Synnex Corporation securing a General Services Administration IT Schedule 70. You can be assured that QBO is fulfilling IT items at the best prices and follows best practices.

QBO owns a number of federal, state, local government,

and Public education certificates

Minority Women-Owned Business, Small Business Enterprise

We provide technology solutions and product fulfillment of hardware/software/maintenance. A Value-Added Reseller (VAR) of Industry leading technology. We partnered with HP, Dell, Cisco, Samsung and Seagate

State, Local And Education (SLED)

QBO owns a number of State, Local and Public Education Agencies Certificates


National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance

NCPA contracts are available for use to over 90,000 agencies nationwide in both the public and nonprofit sectors including: K-12, Higher Education, City, County, State, Healthcare, Church/Religious and all Non-profit organizations. Please click on the certificates below

NCPA Contract

NCPA is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states.

90,000 Agencies

NCPA works with a lead public agency, who competitively solicits master contracts. Contracts are awarded based on quality, performance, and most importantly pricing.

State Statutes

Want to see your state's laws on cooperative purchasing? Click here to view your state's laws on cooperative purchasing.

Our Markets

Product Diversification – With technology transformation, communities around the world can reduce costs, improve operational efficiency. We service both the public and private sectors customers

Commercial │ Retail.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT and mobility products, services and capabilities. Our unparalleled product selection and availability includes solutions in mobility, enterprise computing, data center, networking, and consumer electronics.


From Laptops, desktops, servers, storage solutions, networking, virtual reality and defense-grade security, to mobile solutions. We provide end-to-end solutions for government, State and Local agencies.

Gov't Relations 305-305-1406

Technology Provider & Digital Solutions.

IT Smart Enterprice.

From servers and Computers to storage systems and software, QBO provides the building blocks of a next-generation IT architecture that empowers your enterprise. QBO also provides IT infrastructure solutions to Local, State and Federal agencies

IT Solutions Partners

QBO partners with best-in-class enterprise technology organizations and our IT solutions partners to help you realize your IT objectives

QBO International Group Partners
QBO Video Games

Videogames & Consumer Electronics


We are distributors and wholesalers of physical video games, consoles and accessories for North and South America

Latino America is one of our largers markets.

Digital Entertainment.

Simple and Fast.

Buy or sell digital games in minutes. Get access to over 2,000 games in the catalogue. Use simple billing and enjoy no contracts.

Safe and reliable.

Boost your business security thanks to our 7-year market experience, 100% safe payments, and vetted supplier network.

QBO One Digital Games

Clothing & Wearables

Our Pholosophy

Spiritual Way of Life brings a spiritual lifestyle clothing.


As a partner in connectivity solutions, we put our creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and design expertise at your disposal

Five Dimensions

The right clothing and apparel help you to truly enjoy your self-being.

I am Five Dimensions

i-Health │ Beverages


We are working to develop new partnership and work with the suite of iHealth products that let you measure, track and share your vitals to help you stay on top of your health.


We use only organic ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and will never settle the for less than the best.


We use only organic ingredients, sourced locally when possible, and will never settle the for less than the best.

Spiritually Fresh

Video Juegos & Accesorios

Somos distribuidores de Video Juegos, Accesorios, Consolas, Partes de Computador, Gaming Systems, Discos Duros para Centro, Sur América y el Caribe.

Distribucion de Video Juegos en Miami

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Our Team

Every day, wee see our people living our values and caring deeply for our clients and for the communities where we live and work. We’re driven by truly making a difference. It takes a special type of person to make this culture come alive

Claudia SAlazar
Claudia Salazar
Commercial Business Development

Felipe Bahamon
Felipe Bahamon
Marketing Director/Founder
Sr. Sales Public Sector

Ricardo Avella
Ricardo Avella
Product Design
& Creative Director

Eduardo Bahamon
Eduardo Bahamon
Operations Director
Federal Government


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